I Grew Up With The Web

Now I Use It To Help Companies Grow

An independent digital strategist based in Dallas, Texas.
I like making ideas happen.

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About Myself

I've been wildly fascinated with the technology revolution since I was 15 years old (that was almost 10 years ago). The way people (consumers) receive information and do business is changing rapidly. I like to help companies get ahead of that curve.

Basically, I like to help my clients
be fearless on the web

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What I do

Generally, my services span a broad range of digital topics. Design, Development, SEO, Strategy, etc. While I have an average depth in MOST of these subjects, my focus lies on:

  • Wordpress & custom theme solutions to help businesses solve common problems
  • Shopify powered e-commerce stores, to allow new companies or existing entities a chance to succeed online
  • Laravel-based applications, for the most custom of solutions that need in-depth experience
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Some of My Handiwork

Below is a collection of the websites I feel effectively communicate my talents as a developer. As a disclaimer - all the following were designed by other parties - but then developed by myself under the guise of agencies I have worked with or as a freelancer. To see more websites I have worked on (and there ARE many more) please reach out.

SaaS / Applications

Laravel, WordPress based applications I have developed.

Custom Themes | Wordpress

Most of the custom-themed Wordpress websites I ship are built upon the Roots starter theme, using a common plugin known as ACF, and customizing the architecture via CPT's. Using the Roots starter theme requires a knowledge of modern front-end tools such as bower, npm, gulp, sass (css framework), and many more under certain circumstances. Drop me a line or check out my linkedin profile to understand the details of my web development skills.

Ecommerce | Shopify

The Atlas theme below I designed + developed in hopes of releasing it on the Shopify Theme Marketplace. Unfortunately, it was rejected, and that ended up being about 160 hours wasted. But hey -- it gave me lots of Shopify experience!

Popular Blogs | Wordpress

These are a few popular bloggers I have worked with in the past. Both had existing wordpress websites, and I helped transform their voice by creating a modern theme that allowed for heavy customization.